We Changed Our Name.

Southern Gables, Lakewood, Colorado May 19, 2020

Southern Gables Homeowners Association (HOA) was formed in 1973. It was an HOA “in name only,” since there were no covenants, property held in common, or any of the other things that characterize HOAs. In 2014 this was partially rectified by filing a “Doing Business As” (dba) declaration, officially using the name Southern Gables Neighborhood Association. As the final step, “Southern Gables HOA” was dissolved on May 12, 2020. Southern Gables Neighborhood Association took its place without missing a beat, so the Association is no longer filed under one name and known by another. The Southern Gables Neighborhood Association is in good standing with the Colorado Secretary of State.

Our regular Membership Meeting for 2020 was held in June, a month delayed and then held by Zoom due to the Corona virus. Everyone, member or not, is welcome to explore this (newly renamed) Association website and examine all of the many positive activities going on in Southern Gables. Check out the News page. Look at our Local Business Supporters, who are our neighbors; they support us, and we support them. Community working together. Our neighbors are the greatest!

As stated in our Nextdoor post on May 2, 2020, IMPORTANT CHANGES FOR THE SOUTHERN GABLES NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION, many of our activities are either reduced or eliminated altogether for the time being.  Still, the goals of our organization continue, and at a greater level of need than ever: helping our neighbors by supporting activities and organizations that benefit our neighborhood.  We encourage you to look and see the kinds of things we do with the membership dues and other fundraising activities by reading the article on our News page, What Do the Dues Do?   Our neighbors’ membership dues of $20.00 all contribute toward assisting and sustaining our great Southern Gables neighborhood.

Our Southern Gables neighbors mean a lot to our organization.  We are here to serve each of you and improve the vitality of Southern Gables.  Please, if anyone has any questions or concerns about the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association, contact any Board member and we will make every attempt to get you correct and up to date information.

Douglas Whitten, President
Southern Gables Neighborhood Association

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