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Join the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association. By joining us each year, you take part in supporting activities that increase community spirit, and provide a forum for shared interests and improvements. Together, we sponsor social events such as monthly luncheons, block parties, a coordinated garage sale weekend, and the annual Neighborhood Night Out. We support programs at the schools that give our neighborhood the life of the future. We work with Sustainable Southern Gables on environmental education programs, maintain the neighborhood entrance sign, and advocate for bicycle safety programs. We publish and distribute a semiannual newsletter and weekly online articles on local topics. We support charitable and civic organizations that have local impact making our lives better. When people get together and get to know and appreciate one another, everyone wins.

Dues are $20 a year, payable in May. You can join any time of year for the period remaining until the next May (or the one following, if paid in April). There are several ways to pay:

  • Mail a check to Southern Gables Neighborhood Association, PO Box 36072, Denver CO 80236
  • Pay in person by cash or check to one of our Board members.
  • Credit card or PayPal: Pay securely online, with the button below. An online handling fee iof $1.23 s added. Enter your street address, then click the button. You can use a credit card without signing in to PayPal if you choose.
  • Venmo: Use your Venmo app. Pay $20 to @SGNA-Lakewood (or $20.49 if you select “business” transaction). If it asks for verification, use 8844. Include your email and street address in the “For” comment or as a private message immediately following.
  • Zelle: Send to [email protected]. $20, no fee. Be sure your email and street address are included.

Street Address

The credit card or PayPal account charge will appear on your statement as PAYPAL *SGNA DUES.

If you would like to make a donation (independent of your dues) you may do so here. Donations are not tax deductible as charitable contributions, but they are warmly appreciated.

Business Supporters use the button below (includes PayPal/credit card fee. No PayPal account? Use credit card without signing in to PayPal.)

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