Southern Gables

“The Rock of Southern Gables” at Jewell and Estes

We changed our name! May 19, 2020.
Southern Gables Homeowners Association Neighborhood Association. You know we’re not really an HOA, but that has been part of our name since 1973. We fixed it! [More…]

Southern Gables is an established neighborhood located in south Lakewood, Colorado. Our boundary on the north is Jewell Avenue, south – Morrison Road, west – Garrison and east – Wadsworth Boulevard.

Our association was formed in 1973, when a car dealership (now located at Evans and Wadsworth) wanted to purchase land in the neighborhood. The residents felt that if they were organized, they could better negotiate with the dealership to ensure a good working relationship. It all worked out, the car dealership has indeed been a good neighbor, and the association has thrived through all these years.

Southern Gables Neighborhood Association is not an HOA. We neither establish nor enforce covenants. Membership is voluntary but encouraged, with annual dues of $20.00 payable in May. You can pay your dues by check or online. If you would like to make a donation to support the association, we welcome that too. We are a registered Colorado nonprofit association. If you are interested in organizational detail, you can read the Association Bylaws here. (And if you’re headed that way, you can contact us to see about serving on the Board.)

We are proud of the three schools that serve our neighborhood. Green Gables Elementary School is located in the heart of our neighborhood with Carmody Middle School just to the west. We are also very proud of Bear Creek High School, off Kipling Parkway at Dartmouth.

What the Association Does

This website serves two purposes. First, we are here to serve the residents of Southern Gables and the adjacent Valley View subdivision.  Second, we want to tell visitors about the neighborhood.  You will find copies of our newsletters on this site as well as information about events happening in our community.

In addition to this website, residents can connect with their Southern Gables neighbors through the NEXTDOOR network. is an online network created for neighbors to share community events, items for sale/free, crime and safety concerns, and ideas on improving our community. NEXTDOOR welcomes new neighbors, and helps residents get to know each other better and stay informed about our vibrant Southern Gables Neighborhood.