Please don’t feed wild critters

Feeding coyotes and other wildlife is not a kindness but a disruption to their natural instincts and needs.

The internet is a wealth of information on this subject. Search the phrase “feeding wildlife” and you will find several links with valuable information.

Among reasons offered for NOT feeding wildlife:

  • Poor nutrition. They are not meant to eat human food.
  • Loss of fear of humans. They’ve been known to come through dog doors or open doors if you stop feeding them.
  • Poor development of hunting skills needed for survival and a decreased need to move into territories where their natural food is available. This can lead to over crowding and disease among the animals.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife suggests “low intensity hazing,” including loud noises, throwing rocks or spraying with a garden hose, as a means of discouraging coyotes that have lost their natural wariness of humans. Click here for City of Lakewood information on coyote managemant.

Also be sure to keep your pets safe as coyotes have been seen recently roaming the neighborhood.

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