Get the Most Out of the Tree Sale

Free workshop on choosing the right tree type for your property at the Lakewood Tree Sale. Free help in picking up your trees and planting them. The members of Sustainable Southern Gables want to help make the neighborhood a better place. Before you get in on the City of Lakewood Tree Sale, GET READY with a free Tree Selection Workshop and sign up for free help.  

Free Workshop in the Neighborhood

Free Workshop offered on two dates – choose either one: Wednesday, Feb 21 at 6:30 PM or Saturday, Feb 24 at 10 AM.

  • The Tree Selection Workshops will be held at 8341 W. Evans Avenue, in Southern Gables.
  • Email ​[email protected] to sign up. 

In case you missed it, last week’s article, Tree Sale in Lakewood, has more details about the sale. (Summary: trees worth hundreds of dollars will be sold for $25. You will have to plan ahead and be quick.)  The city will be offering 18 different tree species for sale, many not well known. Some may not thrive on your particular lot, or may give you tree care and maintenance headaches. It pays to know! Sustainable Southern Gables (SSG) is fortunate to have a retired dendrology professor, Robert Young, on staff to help in selecting the best tree species for your home.  At this workshop Mr. Young will also provide the details of the city’s program, including how to order – stressing the importance of ordering early, and having several choices ready in case your first choice is already sold out.

Register ahead of time for the Tree Sale

Residents must create an online account with the city in advance of the March 1 sale. We can’t say this too often: You have to register ahead of time for the Lakewood Tree Sale, whether you plan to order online or by phone.

You will also want to register ahead of time for the SSG workshop: Email ​[email protected] to sign up. Just say which session you will attend. At the workshop Robert will provide details on SSG’s assistance in addition to giving information on choosing the right kind of trees:

  1. Assistance, if needed, with pickup of the trees on April 20 from the Lakewood Greenhouse to the Southern Gables residence. Because these trees are bulky and won’t fit into a car, SSG will provide a pickup or trailer and a volunteer to assist the homeowner.
  2. SSG will also provide a demonstration at the community garden on how to plant a new tree. It will also include information on how to care for the new tree throughout the coming year.
  3. If volunteers are available SSG will assist Southern Gables residents in planting the trees.

What is Sustainable Southern Gables?

Thought you’d never ask. We knew you’d want to know more, so we asked Christy Cerrone, who has been involved with the organization since its inception.

“Sustainable Southern Gables is a group of volunteers working to help make our neighborhood a more sustainable place to live. Everyone brings their passions around a variety of sustainability topics including biking, gardening, tree care, energy and water conservation, composting, and many more! 

Southern Gables was accepted to be part of the City of Lakewood’s Sustainable Neighborhoods program in 2013 and over the past eleven years we’ve coordinated over 160 events and activities. Our most visible project is the School/Community Garden at Green Gables Elementary which involved a partnership with Green Gables, Denver Urban Gardens, Westwoods Community Church, Southern Gables Neighborhood Association, and neighborhood supporters.

After a lull in activity during the pandemic, we have now reinvigorated our group and are working on new ideas all of the time. We are currently putting together a schedule of events for the spring and summer. If you are passionate about sustainability we’d love to have you join us!”  1

To get in on the free Sustainable Southern Gables workshop, email ​[email protected] before Feb. 21 to sign up. 

Oh, and by the way…

You have to register ahead of time for the Lakewood Tree Sale, whether you plan to order online or by phone. Before March 1 go to Then at 8:00 on March 1 go to OR purchase by phone at 303-987-7800

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