Community Garage Sale Weekend June 7-8 2024

Summertime! It’s almost here, and so is our annual Community Garage Sale Weekend. Neighbors all over the Southern Gables area are getting ready to set out their precious treasures in yards and garages on Friday and Saturday, June 7 and 8, for you to admire and take home for your very own. Bargains like you’ve never seen! Most sellers will be there both days, generally from 8 am to 4 or 5 pm. Some may choose to set out their wares on Sunday as well.

Garage Sale Locations, showing those who notified us. There will be more that join in at the last minute, so keep your eyes open as you drive around. (That’s a good idea anyway.)

Community Garage Sale Locations for June 7-8 2024

Alphabetical by street name. You can also get a paper copy of this list during the sale times at the first address shown, 8823 W Asbury Ave. Or to print your own, CLICK HERE.

No. Address Goods
1 8823 W Asbury Ave Misc. household.  25¢ table
2 8905 W Asbury Dr Guitar stuff, tools, collectible knives, misc.
3 9196 W Asbury Dr Tools, fishing equipment
4 2166 S Balsam Ct Marijuana grow tents, grow supplies, misc. household
5 1974 S Cape Way Misc. household
6 1962 S Cody Way Home décor, collectible toys, collectible plates, books, wall art, misc. household
7 1912 S Estes St Camping & RV, stand up basketball hoop, misc. household
8 2175 S Estes St Calphalon pans with lids, Tupperware, men’s mountain bike, puzzles, books, cookbooks, outdoor video camera, wireless landline phone set, popcorn machine, MORE…
9 2192 S Estes Way Misc. household
10 8155 W Evans Place Misc. household. SATURDAY ONLY
11 2157 S Field St Misc. household, assorted John Deere die cast
12 2167 S Field St Handmade Jewelry. Nothing over $25
13 2179 S Field Way Kids’ stuff, kitchen ware, misc. household
14 2205 S Field Way Misc. household
15 2178 S Flower Ct Misc. household
16 2227 S Flower Ct Outdoor gear, bike/ski racks, wheels/stock lift parts for Jeep Wrangler, patio set, Halloween costumes, heavy duty sewing machine, etc.
17 2237 S Flower Ct Misc. household
18 2440 S Garland Ct Misc. household
19 8837 W Iliff Ave 30 years of collecting – unique souvenirs, turn of the century furniture, records, games, electronics, tools, bicycles and much more!!!!
20 8024 W Iliff Lane Vintage toys, homemade crafts, snowblower
21 8064 W Iliff Lane Baby items, kids’ clothes, toys, furniture, more…
22 8632 W Warren Dr Huge Sale! Antiques, baby furniture, baby & toddler clothes, women’s clothing, crafts, vintage clothing, men’s clothing, men’s suits.  SNACKS FOR SALE. RAIN OR SHINE! Will be in garage if raining.
23 8844 W Warren Dr Lots of things! Fundraiser for attendance at Global Leadership Summit in Berlin
24 7725 W Woodard Cir Misc. household
25 7760 W Woodard Cir Misc. household
26 8486 W Woodard Dr Convertible crib to toddler bed, fridges, Ryobi electric lawn mower and weed eater, cookbooks, outdoor video camera, wireless landline phone set, kitchen items, popcorn machine
27 8838 W Woodard Dr Furniture (bed frame with headboard, living room custom bookshelves, high top table set with stools) kids’ items (jogging stroller, sand box, toys, books), home items (kitchen items, photo frames, etc. Lots!!
28 9178 W Woodard Dr Misc. household
29 9037 W Woodard Dr Furniture, dinnerware, baby items, house plants, tv, misc.
30 2106 S Zephyr St Misc. household
31 2117 S Zephyr St Housewares, furniture, antiques, kid stuff/toys


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