Community, Joy, Gratitude.

This has definitely been an interesting school year at Green Gables Elementary. None of us have ever experienced anything like this pandemic, where a third of our students have been learning remotely all year and from November we all began learning, teaching, and working remotely continuing until January 19th. However, our little school felt the joy, community, and more importantly counted all the reasons to be grateful as we headed off to winter break.

The “Winter Wonderland” reverse parade was planted as an idea from a teacher at our school, Mrs. Bishop, and blossomed from there. Supporters among our dedicated families came one by one to help set up decorations. There were inflatable decorations and lots of lights strung along the way. School staff made signs, PTA members made goodie bags for teachers to give students, and staff dressed in winter spirit gear. The school community came together beautifully with full-fledged effort to bring joy, hope, and love, to our students before heading off to winter break. The parade began, lights gleaming, music ringing, and socially distanced staff members holding signs filled with warm winter wishes. Santa stood waving on the corner of Woodard and Estes as families drove by. The parade was bringing apparent joy, obvious through students’ smiles, laughter, and waves, along with words of appreciation and love between families, students and Green Gables staff.

Suddenly to no surprise, the parade appeared to move beyond just the school community. Although likely part of the residents’ daily routines of walking, jogging, and even biking past the school, the atypical holiday parade appeared to be filling the neighborhood people with happiness as well. Neighbors were waving and smiling, wishing us all a happy holiday season. Others drove past and waved, honked and yelled words of appreciation from their windows. A sight so touching to behold, that in the midst of a pandemic, the school community could come together in a socially distant way to bring some much needed joy. A winter parade sparked as an idea by a teacher, made possible by the collaboration of a community that is at the heart of Green Gables Elementary, gave warmth and gratitude to everyone, during a time when there is so much uncertainty. What a wonderful constant for our children to know they attend school in a community that cares so deeply about them.

Finally, as we look forward to a new year, regardless of what it may bring, may we all be reminded that we are also truly blessed by the amazing Green Gables’ students we will continue to serve.

With Warm Winter Wishes,

Suanne Hawley, Green Gables Elementary School Principal

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