Autumn Leaves

Just last week I was wondering if the autumn leaves would fall in time for our Southern Gables Leaf Collection Day on November 6. Then came the wind, announcing that fall was getting serious. I saw billowing clouds of leaves flying from the yellow and golden trees up and down Estes Street. As I turned a corner the leaves flowed off a big ash tree like a giant yellow and purple waterfall, splashing onto the street below. Little gangs of leaves were swirling and dashing panicked in the street, bullied by the brisk wind, as if trying to run away from the oncoming winter.

Fall. The Wind.

“Why so fast, Wind, what’s the need
For such ruthless, restless speed?”
Trees are frightened, some may fail,
Overcome by autumn’s gale.

Straining, bracing, they resist
Yielding to your brutal fist.
They whose leaves were high and fair
Stand naked now, denuded, bare.

Running, fleeing, leaves fly free
Through the streets ahead of me.
Hiding, huddled, by the stair,
Some dry leaves cower, shiv’ring, scared.

A moment’s rest, a heavy sigh
And then a prowling gust comes by.
“Aha! I found you! Now you’re done!”
Frantic, frenzied, out they run.

This day will bring no rest for trees
Or leaves, or me, out in the breeze.

Southern Gables residents: bring your leaves on November 6 for collection and composting. if you can’t rake your own, call for volunteers to do it for you. Details: click here.

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