Warm Thoughts on a Snowy Day

Snow, beautiful and soft, covering the land with a magical blanket of pure white. This occasional gift of beauty from the heavens might bring a little inconvenience, but it comes with blessings as well. 

By Harry Puncec

To the good folks of Southern Gables, ever wonder what’s on the other side of the fence?  Here’s a peek.

Tuesday morning I had to take the trash out to the curb.  Not a problem usually but it had snowed and the driveway was coated in the slick stuff.  When I was young I’d grab the handles and march it out without a thought, but that was then.  In my 80s my steps aren’t so sure and my balance downright suspect.  Taking the can out to the street was a decision right out of Dirty Harry. ”Are you feeling lucky, punk?”  This morning I wasn’t feeling so lucky.  Paul, our SG neighbor to the south cheerfully did it for me.  Thanks, Paul!

When I was young I’m pleased to say that I often did little, quick chores for friends, neighbors, and family.  It was never a big deal and I’d often be embarrassed when they said thanks.  Thanks for such a simple thing?  I was glad to lend a hand and thought no more of it.  Now I’m on the receiving end and it can be a big deal. 

You might shrug off a helpful gesture but trust me, the thanks you get is sincere, not perfunctory.  You did a good deed and are appreciated for it.


Harry Puncec is a resident of Lakewood and a founding member of not only the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association but the Southern Gables neighborhood itself. To see more of his stories, click on his name in the dateline at the top of the article. 

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