A Neighborhood Without Trees

That’s a terrible thought. We love the trees in our beautiful neighborhood, and they add more than a pleasant appearance. Cleaning the air, moderating the temperature, all that and beauty too. It’s not true for everything, but on the subject of trees, here and now, more is better!Β  We have an opportunity, with a deadline for action.Β 

Free educational workshop on tree selection and planting in Southern Gables. Sign up now!Β  Learn about selecting the right tree species for your yard so you can get the most out of the Lakewood Tree Sale.Β 

The city will be offering 18 different tree species for sale. Some may not thrive on your particular lot, or may give you tree care and maintenance headaches. Prepare now. Free workshops this coming week. It pays to know!Β 

Attend the free workshop in Southern Gables on either of two dates:

  • Wednesday Feb. 21, 6:30 PM
  • Saturday Feb. 24, 10:00 AM.

To attend, email [email protected].

For the Lakewood tree sale itself, here’s the short version. Trees for sale for a nominal $25, an unbeatable deal. You have to register ahead of time, and order online or by phone on March 1.Β 

Full details on the tree sale:

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