2022 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association will be held at Green Gables Elementary School on Tuesday, May 3 at 7:00 PM.

The meeting will feature Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul and our Ward 5 City Councilors Wendi Strom and Mary Janssen. Jennifer Withee, newly appointed Principal for Green Gables Elementary School, will be participating as well.

Since it is a business meeting we will have a report of the past year’s activities and financial expenditures, and the election of officers. If you are a member of the Association you will have a vote, one per household. Non-members can attend the meeting as well, to learn about what’s coming in the next year with the Southern Gables neighborhood. Non-members can also join the Association at the meeting, with payment of the $20 voluntary dues.

This will be Doug Whitten’s last year as President of the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association, though he has assured us that he’s not leaving the neighborhood. His counsel and experience that has shaped the Association into what it is today will change to an “advisory” role.

A link to the meeting minutes will be posted next week as a comment to this post.

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