Get Your Stuff Together!

Neighborhood Garage Sale Weekend May 19-20

When my wife and I first came to Southern Gables with hopes of finding a home in this beautiful neighborhood, we noticed a lot of garage sales going on. One was at the home we ended up buying, and the owners were out front with furniture items, winter clothing, a few tools, and kitchen items. People were coming and going, with lots of friendly  visiting and smiles. It seemed odd that there were so many garage sales… was everybody moving out?  No, they told us, there was a neighborhood association that designated a weekend and this was it…

Neighborhood Garage Sale Weekend!

Wow, what a great idea! Choosing a weekend to cooperate and have lots of sales together, advertising it to bring in more buyer traffic. Hey, this neighborhood really has it together!

Let’s do it again! Now is the time…

to start getting your things together. The items that need to move on and find new homes where they will be appreciated anew. You can have your own garage sale any time, of course, but there are some good reasons to band together in a cooperative event.

  • Increased traffic: Having multiple garage sales on the same weekend can attract more people to the area, increasing the overall traffic and potential customers for everyone.
  • Better advertising: When multiple garage sales are happening in the same area, it can be easier to advertise the event as a whole, rather than just promoting your individual sale. You can advertise your own sale too of course. Both the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association and the Parkwest Ridge HOA will be promoting the neighborhood sale for all of Southern Gables and Parkwest Ridge together. This will help to draw in a larger crowd and generate more interest.
  • Community atmosphere: Holding garage sales on the same weekend can create a sense of community and camaraderie among neighbors. People are more likely to come out and socialize when there are multiple events happening in the same area.
  • Variety: Having multiple garage sales in the same area can provide shoppers with a wider variety of items to choose from, as each sale may offer different types of goods.
  • Having your garage sale on the same weekend as your neighbors can be beneficial for everyone involved, as it can create a more vibrant and exciting event for the community. And this year we are coordinating the sale dates for Two neighborhoods! More sellers! More buyers! 

Friday May 19 and Saturday May 20. Southern Gables, Valley View, Parkwest Ridge neighbors: Sign up now!

We will put together a map that people can use to find all the sales for Southern Gables/Valley View and Parkwest/The Ridge. To participate in the coordinated sale weekend,  call or or text Marci DeMott at 303-319-3177 no later than May 11, with your address, in order to be added to the map of participating homes.  If you have any specialty items such as books, baby furniture, antiques, tools, sporting goods, etc., please be sure to mention that as well. We’re looking forward to a successful event for all.


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