The Fall Newsletter and How It Gets to You

“Communication is key.” How many times have we heard that! For a community organization like the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association, that means reaching out about local activities and opportunities, to increase neighborly interaction. We help one another out.

We skipped the last few newsletters when everyone was “locked down.” No one was in a mood to be having someone come to their door and leave a piece of paper that had been touched (Eww…) by a stranger’s hands without knowing they had used hand sanitizer. 

This year, following up on our sponsored block parties and Neighborhood Night Out, and with our fall “Leaf Day” coming up,1 We still need volunteers for Saturday, November 6. Read the article Leaf Day 2021 to see about signing up. we decided it was time to gear up the newsletter again. We hope you got one, and we hope you found it interesting. We printed over 1100 copies and gave them out, every one. If we missed you or maybe it got into the “discard” pile, you can read a copy online here.

We included a special note of thanks in the newsletter to our Southern Gables neighbor Erwin Bunzli for doing the deliveries. That’s a lot of walking; we have over 9 miles of streets in our little corner of Lakewood. Erwin used to have his boys help out with the task, and they took it on pretty enthusiastically as a family activity. The boys have grown up now though, so Erwin has continued to do it for the last several issues, cheerfully and without complaint, all by himself. He deserves the recognition. Thanks, Erwin!

Southern Gables CommunityFor this issue  we got to thinking it would be good to give him a little help. Even though he was still willing, we got some others to volunteer. Frank Bontrager, Ken Fischer, Bruce Loftis, Roger Hanlon and I each took some. Erwin too: he still took more than each of us. The weather was nice, the neighbors we all saw were friendly, and it was a good experience all around. 

Ideally, we would have people in each of our eight neighborhood areas who would be able to do things like the newsletter distribution. We do two or three such distributions a year. Of our eight areas, we have several that do not have an Area Representative. The Area Representatives can also serve as a point of contact for their part of the neighborhood, notice when new neighbors move in and greet them on behalf of the Association. For just one defined area of the neighborhood, it’s a nice little walk once in a while, and a chance to get to know people.

Interested? Contact us.

  1. We still need volunteers for the event on Saturday, November 6. Read the article Leaf Day 2021 to see how to sign up.

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