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People Helping People

Photo: College of William & MaryOur good neighbors at Westwoods Community Church are, as they say, “Offering a little help to our great neighbors.” The Southern Gables Neighborhood Association is happy to be associated with this church which is within our own neighborhood boundaries. We have been thankful to partner with them on projects such a the Neighborhood Night Out, Fall Leaf Raking and Collection, and a few times we and their volunteers did some Christmas tree harvesting and sales to benefit the community.

Now with some of our neighbors in distress, it’s gratifying but no surprise that they are stepping forward with tangible help for neighbors in need.

Westwoods has set up a Community Compassion Fund to help those in our community that may need a little financial hand up in our current distressed situation. The church offered an opportunity to their community to donate a portion of their stimulus check if they weren’t experiencing high need personally, so all funds have been donated by the community, for the community.

To apply, simply click this link for the Westwoods Community Compassion Fund.

Remember, we are in this together – even when we have to stay apart! The leadership at Westwoods puts it simply and directly: “We see you and we care!”

That link again, to request assistance from the Fund:

Additional information: If you wish to make a donation in support of the Community Compassion Fund, you may click here to do so. In the box that says General, select Community Compassion.

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