Festive Lights in Southern Gables

The “Festival of Lights” is underway on the Jewish calendar, and it often coincides with the Christian celebration of Christmas. In Southern Gables, as in many communities all around the world this time of year, we mark the darkest time of the year with festive lights. We anticipate the lengthening of daylight hours that will bring more light each day, leading to the renewal that comes with spring. 

Click a pic and browse through to see some of the holiday displays around the neighborhood. It’s cold out, so we’re bringing the lights in for you to see. If it warms up in the next few days you can go out and enjoy the night air and the lights, and catch the excitement for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Festive Lights in Southern Gables

  1. These are terrific! What a thoughtful thing to share. Seeing the lights each year is such an important part of the season for many of us! Thank you! Justina

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