Saturday at 9 AM – Meet the Candidates

It’s about THIS election, not those far-off ones. This one is HAPPENING NOW. When our Lakewood City Council Ward 5 Representative Wendi Strom was  elected Mayor, it created a vacancy to be filled by special election. This Saturday our newly elected Ward 5 Representative Jacob LaBure will host a meeting for us to hear what the two candidates have to say, and talk with them. One of them will be elected Tuesday to serve on the City Council with him. 

Ward 5 Meeting… Saturday January 27, 9 AM

Ward 5 Council Member Jacob LaBure

… at Westwoods Community Church, 7700 W. Woodard Drive. Council member Jacob LaBure has invited Ward 5 special election candidates to introduce themselves, answer questions and talk about their aspirations for Lakewood.

The Southern Gables neighborhood is in Ward 5, which covers the South Lakewood area. If you received a ballot for this election, you’re in Ward 5. If you didn’t and you’re not sure if you’re in Ward 5, you can put in your address and see which ward you’re in – as well as other information about your neighborhood – here:

The two candidates on the ballot are Paula Nystrom and Jenny O’Neill. 

Websites and Statements (More information is on each candidate’s website.)

  • Paula Nystrom Why I’m running for City Council:
         As a former Marine Corps Officer, service and giving back are my focus.    
         I am passionate about saving Lakewood’s green spaces for future generations. 
         People and community take precedence over unbridled development. 
         Lakewood is a great place to live, join me in the effort to ensure our City is great for everyone!
  • Jenny O’Neill What you can expect from me as your Ward 5 City Councilor:
         I plan to lead by first learning the details related to every issue and by listening to the community I serve. My decisions will always be driven by data and information, just as I have demonstrated by every vote cast while serving on the Lakewood Planning Commission and the Lakewood Board of Adjustment.
         I will continue to look for ways to protect our neighborhoods and strengthen our local economy. I will push to change what isn’t working and always be looking for new ways that will work better. I will be open to new ideas and collaboration because we make Lakewood better by working together.

Monday January 22 was the last day to receive a ballot in the mail. If you are a Ward 5 resident and did not get one, you will have to request a ballot at the City Clerk’s Office. It’s also too late now to mail in your ballot. 

Tuesday, January 30 is ELECTION DAY. Ballot drop-off locations close at 7:00 p.m. Drop off your ballot in the drop boxes at:

  • Carmody Rec Center (2200 S Kipling St)
  • Lakewood City Hall (480 S Allison Pkwy)


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