Newsletter Fall 2023

If we missed you in our door-to-door newsletter distribution earlier this month, or if the dog ate it, you can read a copy of our fall newsletter online. Neighborhood news and announcements, some home maintenance tips, and a list of upcoming events and fall activities. To read, print, or download our Southern Gables Neighborhood Association Fall Newsletter, click here

Either way, don’t miss this big news: our Southern Gables annual leaf collection is different this year. We will miss the neighborhood-exclusive special day, with neighbors bringing their leaves to be hauled away for composting, dancing on the leaves in the dumpsters to pack them down… that was fun. The new way will provide a greater opportunity to do good for the environment with our leaves. Here are the high points: 

Leaf collection with no dumpsters

The City of Lakewood seems to like what we do in Southern Gables. We’ve always thought imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For a few years now, the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association has conducted a leaf collection project in the fall to keep leaves from going to waste and clogging up landfills. This year the City will do the same – and they’re doing it up big!

A whole week for leaf collection

Lakewood will be accepting leaves from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM starting Saturday November 4, skip Sunday, and then Monday Nov 6 through Saturday Nov 11.

Where to take your leaves

City Greenhouse, 9556 W. Yale Ave., Lakewood, CO 80227. It’s “right around the corner” from Southern Gables! The leaves will be put to good use as compost instead of going to waste.

The rules

• Lakewood residents only. Proof may be required.
• This event is for leaves only. No branches, woody brush or tree stumps. Jefferson County offers slash collection. Visit Jeffco.US/Slash and sign up for location alerts.
• No commercial businesses.
• All leaves must be emptied on the pile. No bags, even if they are compostable bags, can be accepted.

Remember too: it’s against the law to sweep or blow leaves into the street. Piles of leaves clog the storm drain system and damage street sweepers. We all benefit by keeping our Lakewood streets clean.

Another Thing About Those Leaves

If you don’t want to take them for community composting, and still don’t want to waste them as trash…
Our friends at Sustainable Southern Gables tell us that a great option is to “leave the leaves” by raking them into your garden or perennial beds. According to the Xerces Society conservation group, “Leaves provide valuable organic matter and build up healthy soil.” For more information go to

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