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Today we’re not talking to everyone. You can listen in, but we are reaching out to people who are customers of local businesses, who own local businesses, and who work in local businesses. Also those who shop for everything in the big-box stores but feel a little twinge of conscience that says it would be nice to support their neighbors in local businesses. If you are in any of those situations, read on… but if you aren’t, then don’t read this! 

Neighbors supporting each other

Each year the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association assembles and delivers tote bags with discount coupons, promotional goodies, brochures and so on from local businesses. Then in August we have Neighborhood Night Out, where those same businesses set up booths and interact with the community, offer games or drawings or free samples as the DJ plays music and we give out hot dogs, lemonade, raffle prizes, and neighbors get to enjoy time together. The Tote Bags and Night Out have something in common: our Selected Business Suppliers.

We are signing up businesses now for the combined program.

  • If you own a local business, or if you work in a local business, we are accepting applications for the year ending May 1, 2024.
  • If you are a customer and have a favorite local service, shop, restaurant or other business that you recommend, tell us about them. We will contact them and your recommendation will go a long way in qualifying the business for selection.


By participating in this opportunity…

  • 1,050 Southern Gables residents will receive your brochure/advertising and contact information delivered to their door.
  • Your information and business card are listed for 1 year on the SGNA website.
  • 14’ x 14’ reserved space for your booth at the Neighborhood Night Out in August.
  • Referrals for your specific services upon resident request.
  • A feature on the SGNA website.

Get involved

Click on the “Shop Local” bar to check out our current business supporters. For information about nominating a local business to be a Selected Business Supporter, or to get your own business or workplace listed, tell us at [email protected].

Shop local. Click to see our Selected Business Supporters.


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