Host a Block Party!

How about hosting a party with your neighbors? Potluck, outside in your driveway, yard, or cul-de-sac. You set up and provide the basics. The Southern Gables Neighborhood Association will help with the costs of hosting to the tune of $50. $100. It’s all about strengthening community spirit, for mutual benefit. Details… 

Due to COVID, the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association was forced to suspend the ever-popular Neighborhood Night Out held at Green Gables Elementary the weekend before Labor Day.  However, the Association is encouraging neighbors to organize and participate in block/street parties, which could consist of pot-lucks, barbeques, food-trucks, etc.  The intent is to get families who live within a few blocks of each other to get together, reaffirm friendships and meet new neighbors.  The Neighborhood Night Out would have been August 20, 2021 this year, so we are sponsoring Block Parties on that date instead.

2019 Southern Gables Neighborhood Night Out

2018 Neighborhood Night Out

Begin with a Block Host (s).  This person (s) would be responsible for inviting all of the neighbors on the block, primarily going door-to-door with a party invitation as to where, what to bring, etc.  In addition, the Block Host (s) would follow up with the neighbors several times before the party date to get confirmations, what neighbor is bringing to the party, etc. (don’t forget tables and chairs).  The Southern Gables Neighborhood Association will provide each Neighborhood Block Party Host (s) with $50.00. $100.00. This stipend to the Block Party Hosts will help defray the costs for food, paper goods, operating a grill, etc.  Block Hosts can set a time for their individual parties, say 5:30 or 6:00 PM. The Association will invite the Lakewood Police Department and West Metro Fire Department to attend as many of the parties as their staffing permits.

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Some of our Southern Gables neighbors are Neighborhood Watch Captains.  Perhaps you already-designated Captains can see this as an opportunity to have your already-determined members to be part of this celebration by sending/delivering invitations for August 20, 2021.

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Those neighbors who want to volunteer as a Block Party Host, please contact [email protected], as a first step to determine neighborhood participation.  You can download an example “invitation” and modify it to pass out to your neighbors: Click here. For questions, please contact Doug Whitten at [email protected] or 303-986-7157.

Let’s all continue to make Southern Gables one of the nicest neighborhoods in all of Lakewood. Our neighbors make the Southern Gables neighborhood GREAT!

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