Neighborhood Night Out – Postponed! Canceled

Update 8/29/23. We couldn’t find an agreeable night to reschedule and host the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Night Out, originally scheduled for Friday, August 25, 2023 at Green Gables Elementary School.  Therefore, we must CANCEL this year’s tremendous event.  We tried many options to reschedule a Night but to no avail.

Thank you Southern Gables Business Supporters for your willingness to participate at Neighborhood Night Out.  We all were looking forward seeing the many, many booths which would have demonstrated the specific business/trade of our participants.  Also a big thank you to those non-profit participants who were going to share their activities and dedication.  In total, we were anticipating at least forty-two booths, in addition to a Bouncy House, Face-Painting all narrated by a great DJ.

To use the old phrase…..”We Will Be Bigger and Better Than Ever” next year in 2024.


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