Send us an email: or direct to the Board member or Area Representative that you desire to reach. Reference the map below for Area Representatives.

Or to use regular mail, write us at Southern Gables Neighborhood Association, PO Box 36072, Denver, CO 80236

Southern Gables Neighborhood Association Officers

Bruce McDonald, 303-526-8844

Vice President:
Lisa Huntington-Kinn, 303-808-8260

Liza Patty, 720-980-2698

Bruce Loftis, 720-235-9830

Area Representatives:

Area 1: between Garrison and Estes Street, Jewell Avenue and Woodard Drive
Marci DeMott – 303-319-3177

Area 2: between Estes Street, Carr Street, Jewell Avenue, and Woodard Drive
Carolyn Wolfrum – 303-915-5503

Area 3: between  Carr Street and Allison Street, Jewell Ave and Woodard Dr.
Erwin Bunzli – 303-985-9083

Area 4: east of Allison Street, west of Wadsworth Blvd.
Sam Sotiros – 303-716-0581

Area 5: Valley View: north of Morrison Road, both sides of Iliff Lane
Marnie Crowe – 303-709-8927

Area 6: east of Estes Street, south of Woodard Drive
Joe Woelkers – 904-755-3523

Area 7: Flower Way, Flower Court, Flower Street, Warren Drive west of Flower Street
Marcel Guajardo – 720-939-9958

Area 8: Field Way, Field Street, Everett Street, Estes Way, west side of Estes Street, south side of Woodard Drive, both sides of Warren Drive between Flower Street and Estes Street
Open, looking for a volunteer. 

Ken Fischer – 303-472-9746

Doug Whitten – 303-986-7157

Area Map

Southern Gables Area Map

Area map. Click here for a detailed, downloadable copy.