The following announcement from March 2020 pertains to social activities the Association has held “before” you-know-what, and will resume when we are able to, “after.”

IMPORTANT CHANGES FOR THE SOUTHERN GABLES NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION. Hello All Southern Gables Neighbors, The coronavirus is requiring all of us to make many life-style changes to ensure we can rid ourselves of this threat. The Southern Gables Neighborhood Association is making some significant changes as well to ensure our neighbors are protected as much as possible against this virus. Some of the changes approved by the Board of the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association are:

    1. We are not going to deliver the Spring 2020 Newsletter door to door. But rather, most of the information in the Newsletter will now be available on this neighborhood website, on the News page. Neighbors will be notified when neighborhood news items are available for their review. We will attempt to use Nextdoor and other methods to communicate to all Southern Gables neighbors.
    2. Dues paying for the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association membership. Previously we have attached the membership dues forms to both the Spring Newsletter and in the green tote-bags, both hand-delivered to the neighborhood. Again, we will not be hand delivering the Newsletter, nor the green tote-bag (we are forced to cancel the green tote-bag activity and our successful Neighborhood Night Out due to the coronavirus concerns of our neighbors).
    3. Therefore, we are asking all of our Southern Gables neighbors to pay their membership dues on this website, on the Dues page. IN ADDITION, YOU STILL CAN MAKE YOUR $20.00 MEMBERSHIP DUES PAYMENT BY CHECK PAYABLE TO Southern Gables Neighborhood Association, P.O. Box 36072, Denver, CO. 80236.
    4. The ever-successful green tote-bag activity, Selected Business Members, and Neighborhood Night Out HAD TO BE CANCELLED DUE TO THE UNCERTAINTY OF THE CORONAVIRUS RAMIFICATIONS. Due to the activity/event, the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association previously was able to provide significant donations to Green Gables Elementary, Carmody Middle School, Lakewood Police Toy Fund, Action Center, Joy’s Kitchen, and Westwoods Community Church. We want to continue giving to these groups and thought, perhaps, YOU AS SOUTHERN GABLES NEIGHBORS, COULD HELP BY DONATING TOWARD THESE SELECTED GROUPS. In addition to paying your membership dues, perhaps, you might feel inclined to help us continue our giving by donating a “little extra” to assist in this worth-while effort. You can make your donation by using the payment methods identified in paragraph 3.
    5. Also, we are cancelling the Neighborhood Garage Sale scheduled for May 22, 2020 due to the coronavirus ramifications.
    6. The Southern Gables Homeowners Association Monthly Luncheons will be cancelled until further notice. The Southern Gables Homeowners Association would like to Thank Carol Lally for organizing these monthly luncheons for the last five years.  The luncheons have been enjoyed in bringing residents together and getting to know each other as well as supporting the restaurants in the Southern Gables area.  When the Luncheons can resume they will be organized by Judy Whitten.

We hope you understand and agree with these changes which had to me made due to the current health/economic condition. The Southern Gables Neighborhood Association will continue to place its neighbors as our number one priority. And, as usual, your feedback is always welcome by commenting using the Contact Us page here on our website, or contacting any of the individual Board members. Thank you for your consideration and cooperation. We hope to be able to re-institute the events in the future, and continue to build the momentum we have built together as such a great neighborhood.

— Doug Whitten, President, Southern Gables Neighborhood Association