Meet Your Neighbor: Mary Vodneck

Interviewed by Christy Cerrone.

Continuing our series of interviews with our Southern Gables neighbors, to help us get to know and appreciate each other. If you know a neighbor you’d like to have featured, contact Christy, information below.

Mary tells us:  Our family moved into the Southern Gables neighborhood in March 1971. Our children attended Green Gables Elementary School which was relatively new at the time. The school had an open floor plan with the library located in the middle of this large room. The children then went to Carmody Middle and Bear Creek High School. At one time the Bear Creek articulation area went to year-round schools with three tracks of students – A. B and C.

Our family has always been active in community activities – Girl Scouts, Bear Creek Sports Association, the Southern Gables Neighborhood Association, the larger Lakewood area and our church. The sense of community in this neighborhood encouraged me to become active in Lakewood civic affairs.

I find it interesting that many of the children who grew up in this neighborhood have returned and are raising their own families.

So many neighbors and friends have been so helpful, welcoming and encouraging in the last 40 some years. Recently during the June “derecho” storm, a large tree limb fell on my power line. Within minutes my neighbor was at the front door to check on us.

My hobby is gardening. Not that I’m good at it but I love trying new plants, digging in the soil and watching flowers bloom. It’s exciting to me to see how residents landscape their properties and have wonderful ideas about plants and flowers.

The activities and opportunities provided by the Sustainable Neighborhood Program and the Southern Gable Neighborhood organization are impressive. The leaders and volunteers should be recognized for all their efforts at creating a livable, friendly neighborhood.

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