We received some great news from Suanne Hawley, Principal of Green Gables Elementary School. She sent a copy of a press release from the Jefferson County School District, highlighting our very own favorite school.

Jeffco’s Performance Continues to Exceed the State

Golden, CO (August 16, 2018) — Jeffco Public Schools’ Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) and college entrance test results for the 2017-18 school year continue to outpace the state of Colorado for achievement and growth data on CMAS and PSAT/SAT assessments.

Success Story. One of the many school success stories in Jeffco includes Green Gables Elementary in Lakewood, celebrating English language arts growth results that increased from the 37th percentile in 2016 to 56th in 2018. CMAS mathematics growth showed even larger gains, from the 28th percentile to the 58th percentile over three years. Achievement scores also steadily improved.

The Heart of the Neighborhood

“We are so proud to see our school vision of Leading, Learning, and Growing…Together! make a difference and that student growth is showing in our CMAS results. Over the last two years, we pulled together as a highly-collaborative school community with a laser-like focus on the student experience, professional learning, and fostering strong relationships through a commitment to restorative practices,” explained Principal Suanne Hawley. “Thanks to the hard work of our staff, student self-direction, and support from our families, our kids are learning more than ever!”

Points of Light. Notable Jeffco performance highlights include SAT and PSAT achievement and growth scores that substantially exceed the state of Colorado’s overall performance, as well as performance gains in middle school math achievement.

“It’s clear we have made progress, and we make a point to celebrate those successes. We also track the strategies that are making an impact so we can support this work in other areas of our district,” said Matt Flores, Chief Academic Officer.

Room to Grow. CMAS and SAT results provide an opportunity to identify areas that need attention as well, notably opportunity gaps for students who reside in lower income communities. Jeffco Public Schools has prioritized its commitment to equity in Jeffco’s strategic vision and strategic plan, as the organization believes a truly great system offers all students an opportunity to realize their full potential.

“Jeffco Public Schools continues its tradition of excellence, as expected,” said Superintendent Dr. Jason Glass. “However, our work in transforming the classroom experience for all students will give us more opportunities to make learning engaging, and I’m confident that our CMAS, PSAT, and SAT results will track that positive impact as we move forward.”

About Jeffco Public Schools

Jeffco Public Schools has been providing educational excellence for more than 65 years. The district serves over 86,000 students at 155 schools. Jeffco Public Schools is dedicated to changing the classroom experience through Readiness for Learning, Conditions for Learning, and Learning as outlined in the Jeffco Generations strategic vision. Find Jeffco Public Schools on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Article provided by Diana Wilson
Executive Director, Communication Services

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