Today Is America Recycles Day

Our neighbor Ándie Guajardo told us today is America Recycles Day. We certainly support getting behind this topic, as last week so many of our neighbors enthusiastically brought in their raked leaves for composting on our Southern Gables Leaf Day, because….

Landfills are filling up!


When we compost instead of dump, we help ease the load on landfills, reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions, and provide a good resource for plant life that benefits the natural balance of our environment. In Southern Gables we have access to paid curbside compost pick-up if we choose to use it. Residents can sign up for the service at After all…

“Landfilling food scraps is a total waste – for our community, our soil, and our climate. And yet, up to half of what we send to the landfill is food & other organic material. Put an end to food waste, and compost instead.” 


When we recycle instead of dump, we help ease the load on landfills. Many residents of Southern Gables take advantage of paid curbside recycling pickup with their chosen trash service. Others take their recyclables to the City of Lakewood’s free Quail Street Recycling Center. President Biden highlighted the importance of recycling with a recent proclamation, declaring…

Today is America Recycles Day.

America Recycles Day has been observed for over two decades, though it has not attained the status level where we take off from work and have friends over to eat barbecue and reminiscence about our favorite recycling efforts. In the Proclamation on America Recycles Day for this year, the President refers to the increase in extreme weather disasters and the need to do what we can for the environment. As the President wrote,

“We must continue to work together to properly recycle and manage materials throughout their lifecycles and ensure that every American’s right to a healthy environment is fulfilled and protected.”

Well said.

Have a happy America Recycles Day! And if you celebrate, we hope it doesn’t rain on your barbecue! 

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