Newsletter Spring 2022

Our neighborhood newsletter was delivered this past weekend to the 1150 or so homes in the Southern Gables area. If you missed it or maybe it fell into the recycling bin, you can read a copy online here.

This issue of the newsletter includes a notice about the Southern Neighborhood Association’s

Annual Neighborhood Meeting
Tuesday May 3, 7:00 PM
at Green Gables Elementary School.

We hope to see you there.

The newsletter includes a farewell note from our longtime Southern Gables Neighborhood Association President Doug Whitten, an article about a threat to the neighborhood ash trees, and an educational article about environmental awareness in our suburban-style landscaping. There’s also a reminder about the Association dues, $20 per year. Dues can be paid by check, by PayPal on the Association website (click here), by Venmo @SGNA-Lakewood, or in person at the annual meeting. Dues are voluntary and paying them makes you a part of the ongoing work of the Association to benefit our community.

Distributing the newsletter was good exercise for a few of our neighbors, who fortunately like to get out and walk. We have over 9 miles of streets, and lots of driveways and porch steps in Southern Gables-Valley View. The task of covering it all is easier when lots of people pitch in and help. We had some great help! Leading the charge was Angelique Diaz and the Girl Scouts of Troop 65449, our neighborhood troop. Neighbors who pitched in and took the newsletters door-to-door were Kathy Bunzli, Frank Bontrager, Roger Hanlon, Christine Dove, Michelle Tovrea, Elizabeth Wilson, Dave Wood, Janet Zietz, and Doug Whitten. I walked some around too, and met some friendly people in the process.

Speaking of walking around, the Neighborhood Association has eight areas and ideally we would have a representative in each. You can see a map and a list of open positions here. The Area Representatives can serve as a point of contact for their part of the neighborhood, notice when new neighbors move in and greet them on behalf of the Association. It’s a nice little walk once in a while, and a chance to get to know people.

— Bruce McDonald

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