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The City of Lakewood tree sale sold out in 15 minutes last year. This year they ordered twice as many trees. Our friends at Sustainable Southern Gables want to help you get in on it this year, for your benefit and the goal of always working toward a better neighborhood. Having lots of trees in our neighborhood is good, don’t you agree? 

When my wife and I were looking for a home in the greater Denver area we were squired around by an agent who dedicated her days to helping us find what we wanted. That was a big chore for her, because we really had no idea what we wanted. She really did try, taking us to brand-new developments and older established neighborhoods as well. One day an insight dawned on her that helped narrow the field. She said to me, “I’ve analyzed the problem. You’re not looking for a house. You’re looking for trees!” 

It was true. The bright, sunny, bare new neighborhoods with their emerald lawns and fresh-planted trees and bushes had no appeal. I like the look and feel of a place being peaceful and settled; you might even say mature, distinguished. We love our tree-lined streets in Southern Gables, and generations have grown up to fondly remember doing tree-limb acrobatics and playing on backyard swings in the shade of their big leafy shade trees. 

Lakewood has over 7,400 acres dedicated to parks and open space, over a quarter of the city’s total area. Our established neighborhoods contribute even more to the tree cover. It’s all good, making for a better environment for all of us. But as with a lot of things (not all things!) more is better. The City is taking steps to help us do more. 

 Opportunity Knocks: Lakewood Tree Sale

Graphic: City of Lakewood


The City of Lakewood Department of Parks, Forestry and Open Space will offer trees which could otherwise cost hundreds of dollars… for $25.00. Order online or by calling 303-987-7800 starting March 1 at 8:00 AM. Eighteen varieties of trees will be available. Everything you need to know is on the Lakewood Tree Sale website, but here are the high points:

  • You need to have an account with Lakewood Community Resources before ordering online or by phone. Register at
  • Cost is $25 per tree; limit of 3 trees per household. If you buy more than 1 tree, limit 1 tree per species. 
  • Pickup will be one day only, April 20 at the Lakewood Greenhouse.

That first one is really important. If you think maybe you’d like a tree and plan to order on March 1, if you haven’t done that first step you can go ahead and make other plans for April 20. 

Need any Help?

There are resources on the Lakewood website to teach you about choosing the right variety for your home, and about planting and care of the trees. For Southern Gables residents, Sustainable Southern Gables stands ready to help us in person. 

Sustainable Southern Gables 

  1. Sustainable Southern Gables will offer free workshops on tree planting and care, to help Southern Gables residents in ordering the tree species best suited for your home and objectives.
  2. They will help with  transporting and planting the trees bought through this program. 
  3. On that score – getting involved, doing a good thing – are you able to help a neighbor? If you can help out on April 20 with picking up and helping plant the new trees in our neighborhood, let us know at that same email address. The more helpers we have, the more trees we can plant.

Email ​[email protected] to sign up for any of these opportunities: take a class on how-to, get help with pickup and planting, and volunteer to help others with pickup and planting.


Read all the details so you don’t miss out: Lakewood Tree Sale. You will be able to order from that website, or by phone at 303-987-7800, on March 1 starting at 8:00 AM. Be prepared before then with the free services offered by our neighbors at Sustainable Southern Gables. 


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