Newsletter Fall 2022

Our semiannual opus magnum. You wouldn’t think a little 4-page newsletter would be such a big deal. It’s just words, after all. A few articles about local doings, a token step toward the idea of fostering neighborliness. It’s big to us, anyway. We put a lot of thought and cooperation into it. We hope you enjoy it. In case you missed your copy, you can read it online here.

Bringing the newsletter to your door takes some assembling of thoughts worth sharing. We had article inputs and ideas from Marcel Guajardo, Dave Wood, Jenn Withee, and Judy Whitten. Then there was editing and arranging everything to make sense before going to print. Finally it takes getting out and walking up and down sidewalks, driveways, and quite a few steps. We’re glad the weather has been nice. The neighbors who covered our nine miles of streets were Marci DeMott, Carolyn Wolfrum, Erwin Bunzli, Liza Patty, Dave Wood, Marcel Guajardo, Frank Bontrager, and me. Liza did double duty  covering two of our eight areas.

Speaking of neighbors who do good things for the neighborhood, might you join us? We need an Area Representative for the part of the neighborhood east of Allison, and since Lisa down in Valley View is now our Vice President it would be good to have someone from there (or near there) join us. Here’s a map: Area 4 and Area 5 need representatives. The Area Reps serve as a point of contact for their part of the neighborhood, notice when new neighbors move in, and greet them on behalf of the Association. They can also get some walking in, delivering our semi-annual newsletters and occasional event flyers around the assigned area. Living in or near the area is an advantage but not required. It’s a good chance to get to know your neighbors. Moreover, participation at our quarterly Board meetings offers insights and opportunities to help make our great neighborhood even better.

Coming event for Southern Gables residents only: Leaf Collection Day Saturday November 5, 8:00 – 1:00 at Green Gables Elementary. 

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